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Lost and Found


Consider making a lost and found post on​ Ashe County NC Pets Lost and Found Facebook page

What To Do If You Lose Or Find A Pet

There are several things you should do when you have lost a pet or have found a stray. Those options are listed below.

To avoid losing a treasured furry friend we suggest the following:

  • Place a collar on your dog or cat

  • Attach a rabies tag and county license tag to the collar

  • Attach a tag that shows the name of the pet, your address and phone number to the collar

  • Do not allow your pet to wander. Keep it under supervision when it is outside

  • Consider having your pet micro-chipped so it can be identified if it strays

If you find a stray and it has a collar and rabies tag:

Call the veterinarian listed on the rabies tag and provide the number from the tag. They will be able to find the owner. If the rabies tag doesn’t list the veterinarian, call your nearest veterinarian office and provide the number. They should be able to locate the owner.


You should do the following if you lose a pet or find a stray in Ashe County:

Be prepared to provide the following information:

Type of pet (cat or dog), color, size, breed, distinguishing marks, scars, color of collar, if it has tags and what kind, name of pet, where it was lost or found, when it was lost or found, if it is friendly or shy and any other information that will help identify the pet, your name, address and phone number

Contact the following:

  • Ashe Animal Control (336) 982-4060

  • Ashe Humane Society  at

  • WKSK Radio Pet Patrol (336) 846-9575

Submit a free Lost and Found ad to:

  • Ashe Mountain Times (336) 246-6397

  • Jefferson Post (336) 846-7164

  • Secondhand News (336) 846-7469

Contact your neighbors to determine if they have lost or found a pet

Place posters of the pet in conspicuous place

Call your local veterinarian office and ask to place a poster at their office

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