Adoptable Cats

Midnight - a Bombay mix. This hefty, puddle of love is just the BEST boy. He is super sociable, affectionate, and is one of the official greeters of the cat room.Since he is a bit submissive, he gets along well with the other cat-friendly cats, but can be easily bullied/intimidated. However, if others like him, he likes them right back and is willing to be their best friend. Midnight is also super playful, goofy, and unlike a lot of other kitties, he doesn't mind being held. Be forewarned, since he is part Bombay he is a muscular dude and is no lightweight. 

Midnight is FIV/FeLV negative, dewormed, UTD on vaccinations, and neutered. We estimate him to be 1 - 2 years old. If you are looking for a forever hunk of love, this might just be the guy for you.

Gertrude is a sweet girl who is spayed, current on all vaccines, and Feline Leukemia/FIV negative. Gertrude gets along with other cats and dogs with proper introduction. est. birthdate 9/3/18

Dogwood is FIV/FeLV negative, dewormed (Fig had tapeworms and so we treated both boys for that as well), UTD on vaccinations, and neutered. During his kittenhood with us, he was well-socialized with dogs, cats, and a variety of people and should be able to go into any home environment. Dogwood is a pretty chill cat, and while he loves his playtime, also loves a good human cuddle. The best thing about him is he is still young - just a year old - so while he can entertain you with his antics, he doesn't have the frenetic energy of the kittens. He would be great for a home with younger children and still has a lifetime to give his new people. Help us find Dogwood his TRUE furever.

est birthdate 5/2019

This pretty young thing (est. 1-3 years old ) came to us via ACAC with her 4 babies: La La and Sarah have been adopted, Kiki and Jerry are still available.Star has had some socialization with other animals and while she prefers male cats to female, and not super fond of excitable dogs, with proper and patient introduction she should be fine going into a home with other animals; but would also be fine being the only pet in the home. She LOVES people, follows volunteers around, and comes to her name. 

Star is FIV/FeLV negative, dewormed, UTD on vaccinations, and spayed. 

We anticipate her to be a medium-to-long haired cat, once all her hair grows back. It is a bit thin right now. Which is fairly common with cats who were recently nursing or pregnant. Oh yeah, she came in with kittens and, unbeknownst to us, was pregnant again. She should develop into a cat with a beautiful coat, since the life of perpetual motherhood is behind her. Now we just need your help finding her new forever.


Jupiter is a playful and loving neutered male kitty. He loves to romp and play with other cats and dogs, and then he likes to snuggle up on a lap and take a little snooze! He’s neutered, current on all vaccines, and FeLV/FIV negative. est. birth date is 7/9/19

Jordan is a spayed female. coming out of her shyness shell and begs for attention for pets and love. She loves buddy cats to cuddle with so she would do best with one of her buddies here at AHS or a friendly cat in your home. She had an eye removed months ago and seems not to mind nor slow her down.

est. date of birth 5/8/17

Princess Leia is a sweet girl that looks like she is part British Shorthair breed.  She is estimated to be 1-3 years old.

Heidi is a medium-haired (maybe Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat ancestry?), almost 8 year old (birthday in late September/early October) spayed female. She will be getting her FVRCP booster this week and will be UTD on all her vaccinations. 
While she has lived with another cat, she hasn't really been around dogs, and she would also be fine being an only pet

Little Blue is a 9 year-old dilute tortie (we have a file of all her previous vet records), FIV/FeLV negative, UTD on all vaccinations, and spayed. We know there has GOT to be someone out there who is looking for a curmudgeonly cat to share their life with. Help us find that person.

Beatrice is FIV/FeLV negative, UTD on vaccinations, and dewormed. She can go to her furever once she is spayed. 

Beatrice is super chill and a volunteer favorite. It will be interesting to see her personality once she can leave motherhood behind.

Figaro came to us via Animal Control with his brother, Dogwood. While they get along beautifully, they do not have to be adopted together. This gorgeous tuxedo boy is a little more cautious and doesn't have quite the energy level as Dogwood. He prefers to be a lap kitty who observes rather than be in the thick of the action. 

Figaro is estimated to be 1-3 years old, dewormed (we had to treat him for tapeworms as well), neutered and current on his rabies. He will be tested for FIV/FeLV next week and then finish his vaccinations.

Muffin is still for a whole 2 seconds for her picture! This sweet and active girl. est. birthdate 4/19/18

More info to come.

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