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Available Cats

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Let's talk about Binx. She is our current, longest resident adoptable foster having been with us over a year.

Binx came to us as a pretty social kitten in the fall of 2022. However, some health issues (all resolved - she was just exposed to contagious viruses that have been cleared up) that required daily dosing of medicine left her not too trusting of people. At least she wasn't.

The last few weeks, she has really started to come around to the humans in her foster. Especially, one of the littles, as can be seen here.

A big plus is that she adores other cats and is confident enough to rule over household canines.

If you are looking for a kitty buddy for your current feline overlord, Binx might be the girl for you. Especially if you understand that cats have discerning tastes. And there is nothing more rewarding than the affectiin of a cat who may look at you with disdain, but loves you anyways. b.8/2022


& Socks


These two cuties are from "The Bank Colony" of cats. Socks and Storm because of their sweet and loving nature are believed to be house cats abandoned there left outdoors to survive on their own.

Their foster writes: "They both are extremely sweet and get excited when I come near them (Storm starts purring immediately without even being touched). Socks looks super grumpy but really just wants scratches and belly rubs (yes he’s doglike). They are now in the same cage together and are constantly purring and snuggling "

These guys absolutely CAN be adopted as indoor cats, rather than outdoor working cats. We can temporarily lend cages to get them acclimated to their new home, if needed.

They are both fixed and fully vaccinated and we are not charging an adoption fee due to generous donors who helped pay for their care. However, that doe NOT mean we will adopt them to just whomever wants them. We still have our standards and require their new home to be a good one.

If you are wanting to give these 2 a new home -preferably together - please click on the info link on this page.

Scirachi 3_edited.jpg

Sriacha is absolutely one of the softest cats ever. His coat is as soft as cashmere and he has one of the sweetest purrs. He is 100% a snuggler. When you pick him up he snuggles his head into your neck and begins to purr. He’s going to be a big boy. His personality is timid with zero aggression so with appropriate introduction he will acclimate to a home with other cats. He has not been tested with dogs but scares pretty easily so loud or big dogs are not optimal for him. He is good with small kids as long as the are calm and not loud. b.6/2023


f b. 8/23

Born 8/17/2023






Iridessa f b.8/23

Fawn f b.8/23

Silver Mist f b.8/23

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