New!! Starting June 15th

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*Pick up an Admission form at 

  1. Ashe Humane Society 1175 Old Highway 16 in Jefferson anytime. The forms including admission form, instructions and price list are in the cabinet on the front porch. 

  2. Happy Tails of West Jefferson at 431 E 2nd St, West Jefferson 

        Tue - Fri 11-4 & Sat 11-2

  1. Ashe County Animal Control, 767 Fred Pugh Road, Crumpler

         Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri 10-4

*Fill out Admission Form (at home before you bring your pet on June 15th).

*Call Ashe County Animal Control at 336-982-4060 to be scheduled .(Please do not leave a voicemail message) Hours: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 10-4

*Call the Foothills Spay/Neuter Clinic at 828-464-2349 to pre-pay and mention that you are with the Ashe County Clinic on June 15th! Prepay ONLY, no cash or checks.

*If your pet is current on the Rabies Vaccine, please provide a “copy” of the Rabies Certificate that the clinic will keep.

*If you pet does not have a Rabies certificate or is not current on the rabies vaccine they will be given the vaccine and you will be charged that fee.

*Provide any medications your pet may be be taking.

*Check-in is at 7:30 am on Wednesday, June 15th at Happy Tails of West Jefferson. Be sure to bring your pet’s admission form.

*All Cats must be in crates and all feral cats in traps.

*Pick-up will be on Thursday, June 16th at Happy Tails @8:00 am unless otherwise told a different time.

*It is strongly suggested to Microchip your pet at this time!

Updated 4/1/22

Ongoing spay/neuter voucher program:

We are a small private rescue and do not have a medical facility to do any medical procedures.

Covid Pandemic and losing one of the veterinarian offices in Ashe County have brought some changes (hopefully temporary) to our low-cost spay/neuter program.

Due to the retirement of Dr. Beckworth in December of 2021 we have shifted our low cost spay and neuter program to Twin Oaks Vet Office in Sparta. Unfortunately, Twin Oaks is already overwhelmed with new patients and has limited us to only taking cats with the vouchers. The low cost spay/neuter voucher for cats only are $50 spay (female) and $30 neuter (male) that can only be used at Twin Oaks Vet Hospital.

If you are interested in purchasing a voucher from us you will need to make an appointment with Twin Oaks. (Last time we checked first available appointment is 6 months away). You can then contact us and we will give you instructions of the information we need about your cat in order us to initiate a voucher and how to pay.

To get an appointment sooner for your cat, you may want to check with Watauga Humane Society to see if the are starting up their low-cost Spay/Neuter program anytime soon.