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The program is a partnership involving the Ashe County Animal Control, Ashe Humane Society, the Foothills Spay and Neuter Clinic, and Tractor Supply of Jefferson to support the citizens of Ashe County and their pets.

Next Clinic is January 2024

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Ashe County
Community Program

****Note: In order to be spayed or neutered all kittens and puppies must be at least 3 months old and weigh at least 3 pounds. 


How to get an appointment with the monthly Foothills Spay and Neuter Transport Clinic:


1. Contact: Ashe County Animal Control (Denise) at 336-982-4060. Best time to reach her is Mon, Tue, Thu or Fri from 10-11:30 am.

2. Application and Payment:

You will be instructed when and where to go to fill out application and how much you will need to pay by cash or check only.

3. Rabies Vaccination:

If your pet is current on the Rabies Vaccine, please provide proof of the Rabies Certificate .

*If you pet does not have a Rabies certificate or is not current on the rabies vaccine they will be given the vaccine and you will be charged that fee.


4. Appointment Day:

Provide any medications your pet may be be taking.

*Check-in is at 7:00 am on Wednesday, (the day of clinic) at Tractor Supply at 630 West Main St in Jefferson. Be sure to bring your pet’s admission form.


All cats must be in crates, however, all feral cats must be in humane traps. Cat carriers must have owners name, phone number and cats name securely on the carrier.

Pick-up will be on Wednesday afternoon at the drop off location.  You will be told the time of pick-up. (approximately 4:00 p.m.)



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