The Ashe County Humane Society provides low cost spay/neuter vouchers for the pets of Ashe County. Reducing the breeding population of cats and dogs is the only way to eliminate the need to euthanize adoptable animals in our area. Spaying a female dog or cat or neutering a male is a healthy alternative to years of vigilance as hormones surge and your pet wanders, marks territory, and frets to seek a mate. Studies have repeatedly shown a decreased risk of many types of cancer and disease when pets are sterilized at an early age.

Residents may come to the Pet Resource Center during our office hours to purchase one of the vouchers. There are three veterinarian clinics who honor our vouchers.

  • Ashe Animal Clinic in Jefferson honors the vouchers for both adopted and non-adopted pets

  • Twin Oaks of Sparta honors the vouchers for cats but the price of a dog voucher would only cover part of the surgery based on weight.

Visit the center during our business hours or call us to find out more about our voucher program and clinics.

Spay/Neuter Fees

Female Cat $50

Male Cat $30

Female Dog $65

Male Dog $55



The Humane Society now has limited funds available to assist citizens who are unable to afford to spay or neuter their pets even at reduced costs. You must be able to show a real need in order to qualify for this program such as proof of being on government assistance such as the food stamp program. Call the PET RESOURCE CENTER (336) 982-4297 for more information and to see if you qualify!

The Humane Society would greatly appreciate the donation of, or loan of kennel crates to assist in kenneling and transport of pets whose owners do not have them.

Program on hold until further notice! (Spay and Neuter vouchers still available for adoption cats)

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