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Courtesy Posts for Citizens 


This is a COURTESY POST! These are NOT AHS kitties. Please contact the person listed if you are interested in adopting.

We were notified by one of the amazing humans of Ashe needing help rehoming some kitties they had found and had been caring for.

They have posted on the Community Pages with no luck. So they reached out to us.

While we can't take them into our program, we could do other things to offer support. Due to the generosity of supporters we had plenty of food and litter. One of our volunteers was able to supply this caretaker with supplies needed. We are also getting everybody fixed in January/February and finishing up any needed vaccinations. The caretakers are agreeing to care for these sweeties, until their furever can be found.

Their finder writes, "

Orange and white is a male, 2-3 years old he's had his first round of shots. He's friendly, but a little bit standoffish. He likes to cuddle, but on his terms.

The lighter gray with more tabby is a male (5 mo) and is the sibling to the darker gray (female)(5mo). They have had two rounds of shots including their rabies vaccines. They are both very sweet and playful. I have been playing with all of them and giving them lots of love and attention.

We picked the babies up in August and a week later, we found the older boy and they’ve been indoors. They aren’t skittish of other animals (we have adult cats and two small dogs-the grays love the dogs), we supervise them when they’re interacting. Like I said, I’ve got records of the shots they’ve all had. They all eat well and use the litter boxes with no problem."

If you are interested, please contact the Caretaker Abigail at (828) 434-3800.

Since this is a courtesy post, we cannot answer any inquiries. Please contact the caretaker for any questions.

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