Adoptable Kittens

KITTENS, KITTENS, KITTENS! We have all makes and models!


But seriously. Our oldest Toyland step-kits, Bootwear step-kits, and Nature Litter should all be available starting this weekend. If they weigh enough for us to test and vaccinate them. In the next couple of weeks our Toyland and Bootwear bio-babies babies as well as Campari will be available. Then we have new kittens Midori and Absinthe who we just pulled today. They look old enough to test and be adopted out. We just want to hold them for a week or so, to ensure they do not have panleukopenia; because confirmed cases have been found in both Watauga and Ashe Counties. 


If you are looking to adopt. Now is the perfect time for $55 adopt a fully vaccinated kitten. 

We are also running our $21 special on any kitty that is already fully vaccinated and spayed/neutered. Longtimers Tiger and Muffin have waived adoption fees.