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"Clear The Shelter"  9/1/22 to 9/30/22

. Adopters must be 18 years of age or older.

2. We reserve the right to contact the landlord for renters. **            

3. We will ask permission to contact your veterinarian for a reference. We will call them!

4. Our cats and kittens are adopted out are to be companion pets and live indoors only. The only exception would be if we adopt out a cat designated by us as a barn or community cat.

5. We will not adopt out animals to be given as gifts. 

6.  **September 2022 $5 cats will not come with a voucher but will still be required to be spayed or neutered see more information at bottom of this page. Cats over 6 month of age are spayed or neutered already.

7. Other animals in the home must be spayed/neutered and current on vaccinations. All pets over the age of 4 months should have a current rabies vaccination.

8. We do not hold animals for adoption on a "first come, first-served" basis unless we have an approved application and paid adoption fee. 

9. These are the guidelines we follow. While an exception can be made on a case-by-case basis; unless the applicant has a good reason and explain it on their application, those are the rules we follow.

**If you rent an apartment or your home, we will be calling your landlord. This prevents the return of animals that are not permitted in rentals.

*We reserve the right to decline an adoption application.

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