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Center Volunteer

We do not have any volunteer openings at this time

Looking for Volunteers! Can you spare a few hours once a week to help us save even more precious lives? You CAN make a difference! 


We are an all-volunteer rescue with volunteers who come in on their chosen day and time to care for the cats and kittens and clean their living areas in our facility. We save about 150 to 200 cats and kittens per year. But without more willing volunteers to help us out, we can't continue rescuing at the pace we have been. 


When do we need help? Our need for volunteers is essentially 7 days per week, both mornings, and late afternoon/evenings. What day or time works for you? We would love a chance to chat/email with you to answer any questions you have, and to find out which day and time fits in your schedule! 


“Keyholder” Volunteers are at least 18 years old and have a weekly set day and time period they chose (i.e., Monday morning person) and who can commit about 2-4 hours. 

"Buddy" Volunteers who can assist our existing key holder volunteers in our morning (typically before 11am) or evening (after 5 pm) shifts.

"Floater" Volunteers are at least 18 years old and who fill in when our key holders are our of town or otherwise occupied.


Responsibilities include: 

- Scooping litter boxes

- Cleaning cages

- Sweeping

- Mopping

- Cleaning walls adjacent to living areas

- Laundry

- Dishes

- Ensuring all kitties have fresh food/water available

- Occasionally administering eye/ear/oral medication (we will show you)

All while maintaining proper quarantine and shelter standards (again, we will train you)


Best of all? All the kitty snorgles you can handle! Especially now with kitten season, there are lots of babies to love on!


Surely in a community the size of Ashe -- 25k people -- there are a half-dozen or so cat-lovers who are willing to give up 2-4 hours every week helping us continue our life-saving mission of rescuing the kitties of Ashe County. 


Please either email us at, message us on our Facebook page, or on CHAT at Our electronic communications coordinator will get back with you in a timely manner.

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